Think About it

Most Americans consider NPR an independent media organization, so it might surprise you that one of its biggest corporate sponsors is the American Natural Gas Alliance, a front group that exists only to promote some of the worst energy polluters in America.

The ANGA has been an NPR corporate sponsor for months, using its airtime to promote the misleading ‘think about it’ campaign that is in fact a promotion for the dangerous and destructive drilling process known as fracking.

NPR’s financial dependence on the fracking industry could be fouling its news coverage, just like fracking fouls up our air, water and climate. Fracking puts America on a path toward a bleak energy future, with polluted land, flammable tap water and earthquakes.

Meanwhile, clean, green energy sources like wind and solar can provide 99 percent of our electric, transportation and manufacturing power needs. No fracking required. Even better — every time we choose renewable energy over oil, coal and gas, we reduce emissions, lower the cost of energy and create jobs.

When trusted news outlets like NPR take money from ANGA and repeat their deceptive marketing claptrap — on OUR airwaves — we have to question their objectivity. Sign up here to tell NPR that when it comes to fracking, don’t even think about it.


America is experiencing a renewable renaissance. With access to free and abundant supplies of sun and wind, renewable industries are expanding their operations in the U.S. and creating jobs. This economic activity is breathing new life into towns across the country, where jobs were once sent elsewhere in a self-destructive search for fossil fuels.


The power of the sun and wind is unlike any other energy source in that there is no cost fuel cost and almost no environmental cost for generating it. The power from fracked gas, on the other hand, comes with huge costs to the environment, our farms and water, and it deepens our addiction to fossil fuels. The power of the fracked gas industry is great, but people power against fracking is greater.


The dirty secret of natural gas is that it’s real economic value is transporting it overseas to sell at more lucrative prices. But shipping Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) means more pipelines, more leaks of climate-destroying methane, and more chances for spills and explosions. Instead we should focus on smart grid technology and locally available renewable power.


There is no safe way to frack. The toxic chemicals used pollute our water and land and harm the health of both humans and animals. When you add in the climate-destroying methane that is leaked, the process is dangerous from beginning to end. But when solar energy spills, we just call it a sunny day.